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Latin lucens, lucent-, present participle of lucere
To shine; to see

(ˈlu sent)
adj. 1.shining with light 2. translucent, clear

Welcome. Here at Lucens Group, we know that navigating the terms of your insurance settlement can be challenging, but it doesn't have to be. We founded Lucens Group, a privately-owned, independent company, because we saw an opportunity to help build a bridge between people receiving benefits and the institutions providing those benefits. Our mission is to light a path for innovation and create trust, communication and clarity for both disability insurance companies and claimants by finding mutually beneficial solutions.

By engaging direclty with insurance companies, we were able to create several important services for insurance claimants, one of which is our settlement facilitation service. This opportunity is available to you free of charge and provides a secure and transparent environment to review your insurance company's settlement offer. We also offer access to information and resources to assist you in making an informed decision. We receive your settlement offer from your insurance company, provide that offer to you, and are available to talk through any questions related to your settlement offer to help you get to the resolution you want. We don't charge you for our time, expertise or help and we are just a phone call, online chat or email away. In Latin, lucens means light. We are lighting the way to empowered opportunities, through more choice and flexibility in how you receive your benefits.

We understand all sides of the benefits and insurance ecosystem. Lucens Group is founded by people who have decades of first-hand experience in every aspect of disability claims. We bring together the combined knowledge of claimant advocates, attorneys, and experienced insurance executives with a passion for building a better way to understand benefits options and a more transparent way to make benefits decisions. Think of it as the fuel for the Lucens Group mission. Giving you the support you need and making the process easy and clear is what we are all about. We're Lucens Group.

Our Team

Meet the Lucens Group Team.

Abigail Zartman Customer Care Coordinator
Ashley Murray Director of Operations
Brett Albren Co-Founder & CEO

How It Works

Here are the steps to evaluate and respond to your settlement offer. Keep in mind, this offer is only valid for a limited amount of time.

The Settlement Process

Receive your offer

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View your settlement offer and utilize the available resources to help you make a decision.

Engage and Decide

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Whatever your decision, you can make an informed choice—we are here to help.